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What Is Your Brand’s Color Palette Saying?

At Bliss Consults & Co., we’ve been honored to serve more than 100 creative women in business through brand and web design. What we love so much about serving creative women in business is: there is a unique heart, purpose, and approach behind every business. It’s a joy and honor to create brands and web designs to capture all of those details – and more – for each woman we serve.

Whether you’ve got a brand you love, or you’re exploring the possibility of pursuing a new brand for your business, today, we’re excited to share a bit about color psychology — or the feeling your brand’s color palette can communicate.

According to an article by VeryWellMind, “Your feelings about color are often deeply personal and rooted in your own experience or culture. For example, while the color white is used in many Western countries to represent purity and innocence, it is seen as a symbol of mourning in many Eastern countries.”

What is your brand’s color palette saying?

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of color psychology. Of course, the shade of each color you choose does play a role in the feeling the color communicates. However, below are some introductory thoughts about each color to help you consider your color palette!

  • Pinks: Love, romance, and femininity. Joy, kindness, youth.

  • Reds: Passion, warmth, and comfort. Excitement, confidence, fun.

  • Oranges: Happiness, warmth, and enthusiasm.

  • Yellows: Warmth, energy, cheerfulness.

  • Greens: Natural, fresh, calm.

  • Blues: Stability, reliability, security. Sincere, calming.

  • Purples: Royal, exotic, soothing.

  • Browns: Strength, reliability, security, safety. Warmth, comfort.

  • Black: Boldness, formality, luxury, seriousness.

  • White: Fresh, clean, pure.

Read more about color psychology here!

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