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3 Things Your Audience Wants to Know About You

As a small business owner, you probably share all about your products and services on social media… but what about yourself? What about the YOU behind your business? Today, we’re sharing 3 things your audience wants to know about you — Yes, you! — and our tips for comfortably, confidently sharing about yourself on social media.

3 Things Your Audience Wants to Know About You & How To Balance to Personal & Professional on Social Media

What you love about what you do. Chances are, your audience follows along with you because they love to see and hear about your work. But, what do you love about the work you do? How do you personally feel about your products or services? Next time you share an informative post about a product or service, add a little note about how YOU uniquely feel about your product or service. What does it mean to you? Why is it special? What would YOU do with your product or service? Successful social media marketing is about building meaningful connections — so challenge yourself to give a bit more meaning to each post you share! (Tip: These types of posts don’t need to be deep to be personal. If you struggle with sharing more of yourself online, know that you can share personally without being too personal.)

What you love most about your life beyond your work. Many social media users have expressed their desire to see social media users beyond their “highlight reel.” What do you love to do outside of work? What are your hobbies and interests? What — or who — is most special to you? So often, in small business, there is an unspoken pressure to only show the most professional versions of ourselves. We can still maintain professionalism as we showcase what we love beyond our work. In fact, the things we love most beyond our work are what allow us to produce our best work! The hobbies, people, and places that inspire us all make our work more creative and meaningful. Choose 2-3 unique “loves” to let your audience in on.

How you deal with the highs and the lows. Finally, share a bit more of who you are when no one is watching. What’s your favorite way to celebrate your accomplishments? How do you manage stress when you’re feeling low? Sometimes, sharing who you are in those moments lets others know they aren’t alone. What better way to build a meaningful connection with someone?

What do you think? Can you commit to sharing a bit more about the “you” behind your business?

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