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the do-er

Those who are fully vested into their brands and ready to reap the benefits of hard work, investments, and commitment. Those who are not scared to jump out there and make it happen.

the ambitious

Those who exhibit a strong desire to WIN and LEVEL UP. Those who understand the importance of investing in their business and increasing their income. 

the entrepreneur

Those looking to start a business or already has one and is serious about

branding it professionally. 

Meet Secoya

I can't wait to become your branding bestie! I love everything about strategic marketing and branding but most importantly I love helping clients push their businesses to the next level!  Whether you're in need of social media management, virtual assistance, marketing and branding or client consulting, I'm your girl. 

A little about Secoya:

Location - Okinawa, Japan

Education - Masters in Public Relations, Bachelors in Business Management 

Preferred Communication Method - Email

Years in Industry - 9+

Myers Briggs - ESFJ

Sign - Virgo

Starbucks Order - Yuzu Tea Venti