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2-Day Brand Design Service

For the young business looking for a minimal & refined brand identity.

Find the clarity and direction you need to confidently show up in your business.

Shaped by and for new businesses

The 2-Day Brand Design service has been created by listening to the needs of new business owners. Within this potent two-day container, we’ll create high-impact touchpoints for your business. The goal is to give you the foundation, tools and confidence to start showing up in your business and connecting with your community.

Brand is the living, evolving experience of your business. It’s how you show up in the world and carve out a unique space — a space that folks can walk into and feel your energy, values and vision. Because brand is an abstract concept, it is often misunderstood or overwhelming to know just where to begin. 

This service is designed to hold your hand through it all and give you a smart, no-fluff, valuable direction. I believe that conscious businesses need to exist in the world and I want to help you create clarity and potency so your ideas have impact.

Let's get into the details

1. Onboarding

You will receive access to a structured workspace  and a client portal to schedule our sessions.

2. The Brand Foundation Course

Everything stems from a grounded foundation. Brand is far more than visuals: it’s an evolving experience. I want to break through the noise of what brand is and isn’t and provide an accessible and clarifying knowledge base. After all, once you have the design elements, you’ll be the one putting this brand knowledge into action. In this potent combination of workbooks and video lessons, I will guide you through the pillars of brand.

3. The Brand Questionnaire

As you are working through the course, you’ll be guided to complete a questionnaire that aligns with the course content. This will serve as my introduction to your brand essence, community, vision and aesthetic preferences.

4. Day One

We will meet for a 90-minute alignment call to build upon the questionnaire and review your Pinterest board. I will hold space for your vision, ideas, pain points, and questions. I will also reflect back what I think will best serve your vision and community.

During the rest of the day, your brand system will be built out and presented to you via video recording along with a feedback form.

5. Rest Day

There will be a rest day in between our 2-days to allow you time to consider the design and provide feedback. This also allows more flexibility if you’re in a different timezone.

6. Day Two

We will meet for a 60-minute alignment call to discuss the brand and make any refinements necessary.

During the rest of the day, your brand system will be exported and a guideline will be provided so you have a simple rulebook to follow as you begin applying your visuals. I will also create a social media template via Canva and create one simple deliverable (business card or postcard).

At the end of the second day, you’ll find all your content in the workspace as well as a Google Drive folder with all your new brand files organized and ready to use!

What's included?

  • Access to the Brand Foundation Course

  • 90 minute discovery call

  • A minimal brand identity system (Logomark, Favicon, Tagline)

  • Color Palette

  • Typography System

  • Brand Guideline which provides rules and tips to implement

  • Printed Deliverable: Postcard or Business Card

  • Social Media Templates w/ video tutorial


Depending on your vision and community — we may explore other stylistic or visual directions to incorporate in your brand. If time allows, we could accomplish more within the 2-day period. The above list is the minimum of what you’ll receive. Not all brands can be packaged exactly the same. I will make strategic suggestions for what else we could accomplish during our first alignment call.

Who is this service for?


You are a new business owner that is feeling held back by not having a visual identity.

You want to have a solid start in your business and you believe in investing in smart structures.

You trust my expertise as a designer. I care about your business and I aim to create a design system that is aligned with your community, personality and vision.




Payment plans are available.

Price does not include additional costs like font licenses, sourced illustrations or sourced photography. If these are added, you will be notified and the price will be added to your invoice.

2-Day Brand Application Waitlist


I’m not taking bookings at this time. Please subscribe to the waitlist and I will send you an email when I am accepting bookings for the Summer season.


I am grateful for your interest.

Thank you for applying for our 2-Day Brand Applicaiton waitlist!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a logo?

A logo is one piece of a larger ecosystem. If you need support with your brand foundation, I recommend exploring The Brand Foundation Course in your own time. If you are looking for color palettes and type pairings, I have free resources to get you inspired. The 2-Day Brand Design includes everything listed above, it is a packaged service.

What if we don't finish in two days?

Great question — this is why I beta tested this service for a year. I wanted to make sure this investment, the space and the scope was all possible. Listed above — “What’s included” — is the minimum that we’ll accomplish. As I was beta testing, I often had room to build out more. I am confident we can build a minimal visual identity in this timeframe.

Building beyond this list can be discussed in our 90-minute alignment call. I am fully committed to your brand for 2 full days. So, if I have time, I want to create an impact for you. If there are ideas dreamed up that are beyond the scope, you’ll have access to book a Design Day in the future.

What if I don't like the design?

I’ve built a rest day in between so you can consider the design and provide thoughtful feedback. It’s not uncommon that people have design opinions once they see the proposed design — that is totally fine! Your feedback is wanted and welcomed. We’ll have a collaborative meeting at the start of Day 2 to address these refinements.

It’s also important that you’ve already reviewed my design work, appreciate my aesthetic and trust my brand expertise. If you are wanting something radically different from what you see in my portfolio, across Pinterest and Instagram then I’m probably not the right designer for you! There are countless amazing brand designers and you deserve to work with someone who will be able to bring your vision to life!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Absolutely. I want to make sure that your investment is made with ease. I offer 2–4 part-payment plans. You can indicate which works best for you in the application.

When should I reach out?

I recommend signing up for my waitlist — I open my books 4 times a year to book out each season. If they are open now, apply if it’s the right time for you to invest in this work. I offer one spot a month for this service.

It’s important that you have the time bandwidth before stepping into this process. Working through The Brand Foundation Course takes anywhere between 1–3 weeks to complete (depending on your familiarity and time availability). You’ll want to make sure you have enough space to work through this deep inquiry phase.

What Our Clients Say



“The most valuable outcome of this collaboration was the insane amount of ideas that I have moving forward with brand and marketing. I had no idea what brand really was when I started — now I am clear on how to engage and serve my ideal audience!”

– Audrey

2-Day Brand Application Waitlist


I’m not taking bookings at this time. Please subscribe to the waitlist and I will send you an email when I am accepting bookings for the Summer season.


I am grateful for your interest.

Thank you for applying for our 2-Day Brand Applicaiton waitlist!

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