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The Studio

Bliss Consults & Co. is a creative studio based in Okinawa, Japan offering creative strategy and services for brand identity development, logo and graphic design as well as web design. We work with small businesses who wish to develop a strong first impression to further their brand. Our passion is in creating iconic and memorable first impressions for businesses to be remarkable in what they do.

y journey as a professional creative has undergone many transformations, but after 5 years I have found my sweet spot when I opened the virtual doors to Bliss Consults & Co - a branding and design studio. A place where passionate businesseses can find intentional design. Helping fellow business owners build their brand identity and create an unforgettable online presence is something I don’t see myself tiring of anytime soon. 


Meet Secoya


Random Tidbits 

Current Location - Okinawa, Japan

Education - Masters in Public Relations, Bachelors in Business Management 

Years in Industry - 9+

Myers Briggs - ESFJ

DISC - Prominent D, Secondary C

Preferred Method of Communication - Email

Sign - Virgo

Starbucks Order - Upside Down Skinny Double Shot Caramel Macchiato 

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